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A box of Petit Fours 7 November 2007

Filed under: Petit Four — raainah @ 12:27 am

In assorted shapes and colours


Great as gifts or wedding receptions…




3 Responses to “A box of Petit Fours”

  1. Live~Laugh~Love Says:

    I hope I am not bothering you, but I am new to this site and want to start a “page” just as you have yours. Could you please tell me how you used a drop down box and added pictures to your page?

  2. Raainah Says:

    Hi, I’m not really sure if the knowledge can b transferred this way. I had someone around me to guide and after that u can do on yr own. Do u have some photos already?

  3. Live~Laugh~Love Says:

    Thank you for replying. And yes, I do have pictures that I would like to add to the “page”.

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