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I make cupcakes too.. 17 November 2007

Filed under: Cupcakes,Petit Four — raainah @ 6:42 am

Can be packed neatly to be delivered


Mini Fruit Tartlets


More choices


Mini Quiche Lorraine


More Petit Fours


Mini Cupcakes



4 Responses to “I make cupcakes too..”

  1. arjai Says:

    You are doing great job. Keep it up…live your passion. The next thing is …how to place orders…? He he he. Wonderful creation. Congrats

  2. Eizlan Says:

    Hi, how much are you selling the mini cupcakes and watz the minimum order? How about delivery? Thanks

  3. Raainah Says:

    Hi Eizlan,
    Thnx 4 visiting my blog, would appreciate if u can leave me yr
    email address so that I can fwd
    u the details, rgds.

  4. Eizlan Says:

    Hi,my email is Thanks.

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